One Night Stand

Alright people- this is not a drill!  Interrobang is back and they are done dicking around!  This night was SO MUCH fun, I can’t even contain it on a page.  It will be talked about forever in the mythical circles of “I was there.” So, if you missed it, live vicariously through my ramblings here and follow Interrobang immediately on social media sites- they are promising more of this in the future and I for one will be there (with crumbled one dollar bills and beer of course).

The evening was called “One Night Stand” and was billed as a cabaret fundraiser for Interrobang’s upcoming season.  It was advertised as “a love/dating themed, sex-positive, one-night-stand-only cabaret.”  And I think what I appreciated the most about the evening was not just the energy and fun, but the tribute to non-standard sex and people.  I am not a prude, but that was my first time seeing some of these things in person and on stage.  I really truly loved the non-conformist vibe, the everything goes and everybody be happy aura- and I laughed and thoroughly enjoyed myself!  I took my suburban house-wife friends and they all had the time of their lives!  So hang on kids, this is going to be (and was) one hell of a ride.

So the night kicked off with a drag show from the bearded drag queen Vagenesis- and it was fabulous.  She made some appearances throughout the night in her Oprah look, and killed it with her final act while calling out co-founder Katie Hileman’s father in the front row.  We were all in hysterics.

Then comedian Violet Gray took the stage- her deadpan delivery and stories of mistaken identity were just what the stage needed to set the tone for the rest of the night. The scheduling was spot on to break the ice, make the audience settle in and laugh, and set the stage for all the majestic things still to come.

Tequila Honeybee did not show- so Katie and Kiirstn did what anyone else would- shots of Tequila in her steed.  They were so adorable and funny and flippant.  I loved the costume changes, stories, and notecards.  Not only are they funny, talented, and utterly loveable- they put on one fucking epic show!  I would hire them as party planners any day of the week- do you guys do Bat Mitzvahs?

Majic Dyke was next, and I have to admit, I have never seen a Drag King performance before.  I mean, why not?  I guess Drag Queens are more prevalent in the media focus- I never thought about it before- but it was sexy as shit!  We all broke out our ones and went crazy.

Bobby LaBottom then did a rope suspension act that was terrifying, magnificent, beautiful, scary and sexy.  It is an advanced form of bondage with a lot of trust and submission involved- and I enjoyed the performance, but and not sure I could ever participate.  In the first half, Bobby was the tie-er, with Frayed Fox being tied up- in the second Bobby was tied up and Mockingbird Kinbaku was the knot master.  All three deserve something (a trophy, a Home Depot gift card?) for performances that were breathtakingly unnerving as much as unbelievable.

Then there was the centerpiece of the evening- a new short play called “Chlamydia” by Kate Hileman.  Aladrian Wetzel, with legs for miles, played Tinder.  The story is that Mae, Cara Hinh, has re-entered the dating scene to find love. In her modern quest she downloads the tinder app only to find herself barraged with fuckboys (Shubhangi Kuchibhotla, Rae Anna Hample, and Meghan Moran).  (I am so glad I am old and married- I could not deal with this, I swear, I would have thrown my phone a lot faster than she did).  Real conversations and tinder profiles were used as graphics behind an outlandishly comedic but sadly true story of one woman’s quest for love, and the disease she picked up along with way.

Sylvia Trash did a burlesque show the second half of the evening and was lovely to watch with her fluid movements and alarming shapes.  Jessica Murphy Garrett was a highlighted comedian that had us all in stitches with her timely conversation about being older, single, and in need of fertilization.  Another drag King performance by Blaq Dinamyte, and return appearance of Vagensis sealed off a packed night of antics!

In between acts was the true sparkle though- Katie and Kiirstn’s lube tasting contest, vulva coloring book pages, demonstration of sex toys from Sugar, and general banter was the force momentum of the evening.  Along with their string of boys in speedos that were collecting money and breaking bills in their utility belts, there was something here for every taste, every flavor, every body.  Even Katie’s dad looked like he was having an epic time- just don’t talk about it at the office, you know what I mean?

You missed it!  And you will be kicking yourself for ages to come- but fear not!  Interrobang is back and if you follow them on all their handles, there will hopefully be more of this in the future… (I)

Running time about 2 hours and fifteen with one intermission. Snacks, sponsors, sex, and sensational performances.  Sorry you weren’t there…

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