BITRSweet Awards 2018

I cannot thank everyone enough for making this girl feel like a star!  Everyone looked fantastic and seemed to have a great time!  And I didn’t even know Tuesdays were 2 for 1 at the bar- but noted for next time!

Here is a comprehensive list of the winners from last night’s awards.  If you were not there, and someone did not accept your award on your behalf- please contact me:)

Also!  TREMENDOUS Shout outs to everyone who made this possible:  from my guest presenters (Brad Norris, Ann Turiano, Chris Cotterman, Dominic Gladden, Zipporah Brown, Amy Bell and Greg Bell), to Cassandra Miller and Tori Munoz at Motor house, to Betse Lysons and Haley Horton who worked check-in, to my husband and kids to set up and cleaned up (way past their bed time), and my BFF Joanna Metzbower who helped with everything up to and at the awards.  Wheh!  I am sure I forgot someone!  Oh- Dean Carlson and Baltimore Shakespeare Factory for crashing my party with a man in tights (my favorite!  how did you know?) and Shealyn Jae Photography.  There is a link at the bottom of the page to view all the amazing photos!

I truly am blessed to be so well received by artists I envy, I admire, and I look forward to seeing more of in the future.  Oh yeah, and go see a show….

Best Lead Actor in a Musical:  Lance Bankerd (Rocky Horror)

Best Supporting Actor:  Betse Lyons (Love is a Blue Tick Hound)

Best Devised Show:  Institute of Visionary History Series (Submersive Productions)

Best Short Piece Series:  Institute of Visionary History Series (Submersive Productions)

Best Comedy: Putin on Ice (Acme Corporation & Single Carrot Theater)

Best Scenic Design:  (TIE)  Jess Raspp (Orphan Sea) and Lee Lewis (Dirty Pictures)

Best Costume Design:  Marie Bankerd & Maggie Flannigan (Rocky Horror)

Best Lighting Design:  Helen Garcia-Alton (Orphan Sea)

Best Sound Design:  Josh Thomas, Matthew Ancarrow & Justin Lawson Isett (Fools and Madmen)

Best Director:  Anne Hammontree (‘night Mother)

Best Ensemble:  Putin on Ice (Acme Corporation & Single Carrot Theater)

Best Overall Season:  Cohesion Theatre Company

Best Supporting Actor in a Musical:  (TIE) Danielle Robinette (Incredibly Dead) and Meghan Stanton (Incredibly Dead)

Best Choreography:  Shalyce “Shae” Hemby (Aida)

Best “New to Baltimore” Play:  Exquisite Baltimore (The Oven)

Best Musical:  Incredibly Dead (Baltimore Rock Opera Society)

Best Leading Actor: Ben Kleymeyer (Peter Pan)

Best Classical Remount:  King John (Baltimore Shakespeare Factory)

Best Show:  ‘night Mother (The Strand)


Link to pictures of the event:  (Please credit Shaelyn Jae Photography for any photos)


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