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In Threes @ Feral Woman Theatrical Productions 8/3 – 8/12

Adapted from Joy William’s 2002 novel, The Quick and the Dead, In Threes follows a trio of motherless girls who find the lines between life and death blurrier than imagined.  In the height of a desert summer, anarchic Alice throws herself into environmental activism; quiet Corvus communes with nursing home patients; and dear Annabel desperately tries to behave like a typical teen.  Thrust together, they explore signs and portents along with with an ensemble of wonderfully perverse characters, including a stroke survivor with a monkey (in his head), a widower who cannot escape his dead wife’s wrath, and a pragmatic Emily Bliss Pickless, a very mature eight year old.  At once uncannily funny and deadly serious, the play confronts the audience with a world in which the dead are forever interfering with the living, the living – through memory, action, or inaction- must choose their relationship to the dead.

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Variations on Sacrifice @ Rapid Lemon Productions 8/3-8/19

Baltimore’s original ten-minute play festival returns to Theater Project with its 14th annual production, Variations on Sacrifice.  Come see full productions of 11 world premiere plays by local authors, and vote to choose the theme for the 2019 Variations project!  And new this year, a third weekend of staged readings of 8 more short plays.  All were chosen from local author’s submissions to the 14th annual Variations Project.

Audiences of 2017’s Variations on Magic voted to select this year’s theme “Sacrifice.”  68 local playwrights created and submitted 76 plays for consideration.  2018 is the first year to feature directed staged readings of a second group of plays, following the full production.  The staged readings will be presented at a special reduced ticket price, and consists of plays whose authors are making their Variations Project debuts.

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