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Night, Mother @ The Strand 9/28 – 10/14

About the play: “On a seemingly normal evening, we meet Thelma Cates (Mama), an aging mother and widow who lives with her daughter, Jessie. Jessie is the divorced mother of a hoodlum son, who – unsatisfied and depressed – struggles with life as an unemployed epileptic. On this night, Jessie comes into the room asking her mother about the whereabouts of her father’s old revolver. When Jessie finds it in the attic, she confesses to her mother that she is going to kill herself. Tonight.” (
‘Night, Mother is a taut and fluid drama that addresses different emotions and special relations. By one of America’s most talented playwrights, this play won the Dramatists Guild’s prestigious Hull-Warriner Award, four Tony nominations, the Susan Smith Blackburn Prize, and the Pulitzer Prize in 1983.” (

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Evil Dead The Musical @ Motor House 10/19 – 10/27

Based on the cult classic horror film, Evil Dead: The Musical is a campy horror comedy with adult themes/language and outlandish levels of stylized violence. Come experience our 4-D ‘Splash Zone’!

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Chaste Maid in Cheapside @ Baltimore Shakespeare Factory 10/26 – 11/18

«Love that’s wise, blinds parents eyes.»

Next up in BSF’s Shakespeare’s Contemporaries series: Thomas Middleton’s 1613 city comedy, performed by an all-female cast.

A Chaste Maid in Cheapside, a Jacobean sitcom of sorts, follows the misadventures of Moll Yellowhammer in her quest to marry her true love. Enjoy bawdy humor, witty wordplay, and scandalous plot lines in this rarely produced romp.

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StickFly @ Fells Point Corner Theater 10/19- 11/14

Pay What You Can/Preview Performance Thursday, October 18th

Three families are about to be joined together as the wealthy and well-known, African-American LeVay family gathers at their vacation home in Martha’s Vineyard to celebrate the engagements of both of the family’s sons, Kent and Flip. Kent’s fiancé, Taylor, is an academic who’s absent father, a prominent public intellectual, makes her less than charmed by the LeVay’s posh lifestyle. Flip’s girlfriend Kimber, a wasp (in her own words) who works with inner-city school children, seems to fit in well with the upper class family. The family and their guests are forced to grapple with race and privilege with all the affection, sardonic wit and tumultuous furor that comes with being a family of color in modern America.

“She’s a polished playwright, creating a cast-full of dynamic characters all sitting uncomfortably on a powder-keg situation.”
– The Boston Globe

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