Best Bets

These are the Best Bets for August 2019!

Project P.S. @ Submersive Productions

This is a remount of the popular and innovative “Institute of Visionary History and the Archives of the Deep Now.” Submersive is always outdoing themselves, and this is no exception.  After a brief explanation and intake session, several patrons only will enter a room that is known to be a “thin place” where spirits and otherworldly communication is a ripe possibility.  In this episode the question of focus is “how does one obtain enlightenment?” and attempts to answer it by looking at the interplay between shadow and light.  A unique theater going experience!  Check out our review of it here.

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Little Shop of Horrors @ ArtsCentric

*A remix with a full African American cast* Join us this summer for a production unlike anything we have ever done before. In this campy musical based on the 1960s cult horror film, nerdy Seymour, a florist’s clerk, buys and nourishes a Venus fly trap-like plant, which he names for his beloved co-worker Audrey.  Little does he know that his plant will develop a soulful R&B voice and an unquenchable thirst for human flesh.  Featuring gospel, pop, and rock as only ArtsCentric can do, this reimagined immersive production is not one to be missed.  Get your tickets early for this one.  They are sure to be gone fast.

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The Way Out @ Quarry Theater

Suicide transcends every gender, race, age and culture, and, yet, it remains one of the most controversial topics of our society.  The headlines, articles, and statistics seem endless, but they also inspire many of the WHY questions of our shared human experience.  Why do people choose suicide? Could an understanding of suicide in a historical context help us better navigate the topic today? What lessons can be learned from those who have been affected by suicide? The Way Out is an original devised piece of theater aimed at investigating the cultural, biological, historic, and stigmatic impact surrounding suicide.

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Perfect Arrangement @ Fells Point Corner Theater

It’s 1950 and new colors are being added to the Red Scare.  Two U.S. State Department employees, Bob and Norma, have been tasked with identifying “sexual deviants” within their ranks.  There’s just one problem: Both Bob and Norma are gay, and married each other’s partners as a carefully constructed cover.  Inspired by the true story of the earliest stirrings of the mainstream American gay rights movement, madcap classic sitcom-style laughs give way to provocative drama as two All-American couples are forced to stare down the closet door.

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