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The Odd Couple

Directed by Lee Conderacci, …this classic comedy opens as a group of the guys assemble for cards in the apartment of divorced Oscar Madison. And if the mess is any indication, it’s no wonder that his wife left him. Late to arrive is Felix Unger, who has just been separated from his wife. Fastidious, depressed, and none too tense, Felix seems suicidal, but as the action unfolds, Oscar becomes the one with murder on his mind when the clean freak and the slob ultimately decide to room together with hilarious results as The Odd Couple is born. (Samuel French)

Celebrating love & friendship, Guerrilla Theatre Front is excited to bring you our fresh take on this Neil Simon classic. True to our GTF manifesto, we are producing this limited engagement at a special location in Highlandtown.

*****Each evening we are only able to seat 24 guests.*****

We are anticipating to sell out – so you better burn rubber & book your tickets fast!

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Cohesion Theatre Company’s monstrous fifth season will kick off this winter with the Baltimore Premiere of Robert Kauzlaric’s Frankenstein. This adaptation of Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley’s novel transforms the classic horror tale from a story of a man and his creation, to one of a grieving woman reinventing her father.

“Frankenstein stoked my creative interests with the level of freedom it offers in its interpretation and staging,” says director Melissa LaMartina, who is returning to directing after a short break. “Creatively, this production speaks to my interest in how we use horror to explore complicated themes related to being human and navigating relationships and circumstances of life. With this production, I am striving to present a work that is gripping and honest. I am fortunate to have assembled a cast that I believe shares that goal. “

The play will heavily feature the use of puppetry as Victoria Frankenstein mourns the death of her father and constructs a monster in his place, a monster that begins to consume her life.

“The story speaks to us on a more personal level, especially this reinterpretation of Victoria’s journey through grieving the loss of her father,” says Cohesion Artistic Director and Frankenstein’s Puppetry Director and Designer Jess Rassp. “The puppetry component is an exciting opportunity to illustrate character in a more abstract, yet still very human, way.”

The actors who will be playing the monster took a special workshop with Rassp to learn how to perform with the puppets in the show. “I am playing with layers of reality and realism versus abstract when constructing the “Frankenstein Monster” character. The movement of the puppet will be challenging, but I’m training the actors in puppetry articulation through Suzuki methods of acting to give them a strong foundation in stance, focus, breath and voice,” Rassp says.

Through the Monster puppet and Kauzlaric’s rich script, this production explores the themes of loss, grief, and despair through the lens of Shelley’s original story. “As I consider my own experiences and the conceptualization of grief as a living Creature in this production, I think about the weight of grief as well as of the intermittent nature it can take on. This production offers an exploration of the demands grief makes of us, of how it can become a living force that takes over every aspect of our lives, of how it can take sudden hold even in those times we feel we have reached acceptance or a ‘new normal,’” says LaMartina. “I hope that this production invites reflection, conversation, and connection.”

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The Sojourners


 Abasiama came to America with high hopes—for her arranged marriage and for her future. She was intent on earning a degree and returning to Nigeria. But when her husband is seduced by America, she must choose between the Nigerian and the American dream.


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